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Types of Asbestos 

Chrysotile -This is the most commonly used form of asbestos and can be found today in roofs, ceilings, walls and floors of homes and businesses. Chrysotile asbestos also was used in automobile brake linings, pipe insulation, gaskets and boiler seals. Although it is more prevalent, some studies show it takes more exposure to chrysotile than other types of asbestos to develop related diseases. Learn More About Chrysotile Asbestos.

Amosite - This is known as brown asbestos, and it originates mostly in Africa. It was used most frequently in cement sheet and pipe insulation. It can be found in insulating board (which contained up to 40 percent asbestos), ceiling tiles and in thermal insulation products. Like the other forms of amphibole asbestos, it has needle-like fibers.

Crocidolite - This is blue asbestos and its known for having the best heat resistance.  Mined mostly in south Africa, Bolivia and Australia, this is seen as the most dangerous type of asbestos. Crocidolite was commonly used to insulate steam engines, and it was found in some spray-on coatings, pipe insulation and cement products.

Tremolite - This is not used commercially, but it can be found as  a contaminant in chrysotile asbestos, vermiculite and talc powders. It was occasionally found as a contaminant in certain asbestos-containing products, paints, sealants and roofing materials. Tremolite can be white, green, gray, and even transparent.

Anthophyllite - This type was mined primarily in Finland and displays a gray-brown color. It was not commercially used and was rather found as a contaminant. Anthophyllite was most commonly found in composite flooring. 

Actinolite- This form of asbestos has a harsh texture and is not as flexible as the others. It is most often found in metamorphic rock. Actinolite was never used commercially, but it can be found as a  contaminant in some asbestos products.

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